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About us

ACE Labs Solutions Pvt Ltd is a global IT Services & Solutions Company based in Madurai, INDIA. ACE Labs is a pioneer, independent and the leading provider in the field of Web Applications Development, Product Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions and Maintenance with a unique vision and wide spectrum.

ACE Labs offers complete set of solutions for SMBE with all modes of operation (Offline, Online, B2B, B2C, B2B2C). We are customer driven company and our clients believe that working with us gives them professional, friendly, and above all, high quality Services.


To be the leader in IT Products, Application Services and Solutions that transforms the business of our clients to maximize their revenue.

Core Values

• Reliability
• Efficiency
• Accountability
• Loyalty
• Innovation
• Team Work


To be the partner of choice for the enterprises and government organizations by providing them the most innovative, reliable, durable, flexible and cost-effective IT products, services and solutions to help our clients improve IT efficiency and business profitability, meet their key business requirements and allow them to respond rapidly both to their market and customers' growing needs.

Our Quality Policy

We employees of ACE LABS proudly pronounce our commitment to understand, meet and when possible, exceed our Customer's Requirements through the continuous improvement of our processes. We are dedicated to delivering defect-free products and services, on-time at the most competitive cost possible.

Areas of Expertise

• Product Solutions and Development
• Web Applications Development
• Mobile Apps Development
• Testing Services
• SEO Services

Retail Industry

• Super Markets need accurate inventory information as many of the items are perishable with limited shelf lives.
• Low stocks of fast selling items will lead into loss of sales. More stocks of low selling items are more then it will also lead in loss.
• Properly organized inventory/stocks should be maintained so that items should not be over stocked as it does not scramble the path of grabbing better opportunities.

Profile of our CEO

» ACE Labs Solutions Pvt Ltd is started by Er. S. P. Varadharajan in 2005 – at the age of 27

» Targeting to be a 1$ million tech enterprise by 2017

» One among the Fastest Growing technology companies

» Aiming to be an Indian MNC with Offices in SE Asia, Gulf and USA

» Clients in USA, Ireland and Malaysia

» Our CEO was one among the core team who formed “Software Industries Development Association” at Madurai (EX-President), which is working on IT Consortium and setting standards for IT

» Representative of SIDA for coordinating NASCOMM programs in Madurai.

» ACE ERP(Retail) software is the only extensive Enterprise Resource Planning software which gives 100% control on retail business from small to large scale.

» ACE ERP(Retail) is fully menu driven and pop-up based software so there is no need of remembering codes. It is designed according to those businessmen's who have less knowledge of computer so they can operate this software easily. No need to search special staff operated by Keyboard / Mouse / Touch Screen.

» ACE ERP(Retail) due to easiness, effectiveness, flexible pricing, customization options and time to time up-gradations are the major reasons behind its success.

Why need a good inventory system ?
» Missing sales due to items being out of stock, funds blocked in overstocked slow moving items, disguised gross losses due to incorrect pricing and inventory costing, unreported frauds and thefts, more costs due to unplanned and mis-calculated order quantities, loss of customers due to non-availability of stock and reasons goes on and on.

» An inventory management system is not merely about entering a set of keys to generate a list of your stock at the day end. It is about integrating your purchase and sales to get a comprehensive picture of your business at any given point of time.

Why should to switch from TALLY/other legacy software to ACE ERP(Retail) ?
» ACE ERP(Retail) clubs both accounting and inventory software which reduces human error in the accounts and eliminates the need to hire an accountant separately to handle the financial affairs of your business.

» ACE ERP(Retail) enables businesses to cross check the purchase records, complete order management, maintain an accurate inventory, keep on top of the bank balance, monitor receipts and payments, follow up with outstanding debts, provides business information to back up requests for finance.



Standalone Version

1 Month
India / Malasia / Singapore
  • INR - Free Trial
  • MYR - Free Trial
  • SGD - Free Trial
3 Months
  • INR - 25,000
  • MYR - 2,000
  • SGD - 600
6 Months
  • INR - 50,000
  • MYR - 4,000
  • SGD - 1,200

48 Months
  • INR - 3,00,000
  • MYR - 24,000
  • SGD - 7,200
60 Months
  • INR - 3,50,000
  • MYR - 28,000
  • SGD - 8,400

Whats Client Say

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We were looking for a best automation software to manage our supermarket functions like accounting, stocking & inventory, sales, hr and transport. We found that ACE ERP(Retail) to meet all our requirements. Its simple yet a powerful tool for managing our internal processes. From Business satisfaction and data accuracy prospective, I would say we are very much confident and comfortable with ACE ERP(Retail).

Uma Rajaram, Chennai Supermarket.
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ACE ERP(Reatil) software was easy to migrate from our previous software. Our team and users have thanked ACE ERP(Reatil) team for its user friendliness which have made their job easier.

Kaaleswaran, PSY Supermarket.
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Today, as an Accounts manager, I am not just an operator, I need to move out of technology and help our business. It is really amazing Business Intelligence software because now we are working not just like accountant but like an accounting analytical expert of our company and due to this very scalable solution we could better control our accounting and inventory management process and we were able to centralize our whole company’s process with ACE ERP(Retail) software.

Anu Raj, Malaysia Supermarket.

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ACE ERP(Retail) software is the only extensive Enterprise Resource Planning software which gives 100% control on retail business from small to large scale.

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